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Heating Controls

Typically homeowners can reduce their energy usage by up to 20% by installing easy to use heating controls in their home and using these controls in an efficient manner.  Upgrade also with mobile phone access controls

There is now grant aid available through the SEAI Better Energy Homes scheme to help you improve your home using this measure.

Adequate heating controls can help a homeowner to accurately match your space heating and hot water schedules to the working and living patterns in your home.

As a minimum, your heating systems should be split into two independently controlled “zones”.
They are your 'Space Heating Zone' and your 'Domestic Hot Water Zone'.
This allows you to heat your domestic hot water without being forced to
turn on your space heating. Additional zones can also be put in place in large homes to split upstairs and downstairs or living areas and bedrooms.

This is usually  done by a means of motorised valves or pumps. To add to the efficiency it is recommended to add thermostatic radiator valves TRV

A Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) is is a valve that controls the flow of hot water to the radiators depending on the temperature in the room.
A TRV contains a plug, typically made of wax, which expands or contracts depending on the room temperature. This plug is connected to a valve. If the temperature increases, the plug expands and the valve gradually closes as the temperature of the surrounding area increases, limiting the amount of hot water entering the radiator.
What this means is that when the room temperature has reached the desired temperature, the TRV cuts off the flow of hot water to the radiators. This reduces the demand on your central heating for hot water and saves energy.
The TRV has a number of settings, which the householder may use to set the desired air temperature for each room. In locations where a high level of heating is required, the TRV will be set at the top setting. Conversely, if only background heating is desired then the valve will be fixed at its lowest setting. The TRVs may be set to be different for each room and the TRVs are set to suit each room and then left to do their job.

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